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Zefix Boost

A Microsoft Dynamics 365 Zefix integration

Keep data up-to-date

With Zefix Boost for Dynamics 365 you can search for companies directly through the portal of the Swiss Federal Office for the Commercial Register (

The portal contains all legal entities entered in the commercial register, institutions under public law as well as partnerships and sole proprietorships that are entered in the commercial register. This makes it possible to validate an address these companies without detours. In addition, the extension allows the data to be transferred directly from Zefix and makes it easier for users to keep the data up-to-date.

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Nuri Usta
Managing Partner
Customer Service Expert

Features and benefits

  1. Perform a search directly from a dialog in Dynamics 365
  2. Restrict your search to a canton
  3. Transfer the data of a selected row into the intended fields
  4. Supported entities: Leads and Accounts

Supported Countries

Supported languages

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