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How to design a Power Automate flow for Dynamics 365 Customer Voice to make it deployable?

As answered in my previous post, there is no technical identifier for Customer Voice surveys which can be used to make the flow deployable. If a flow and the survey, which is used as a static value inside the flow, are created on a development environment and then copied to production, it would be necessary to switch the value used in the flow action to the survey on production. To avoid this manual step every time after deployment, there are a few options. I prefer to use environment variables or a custom configuration entity, where I save the environment variables. 

If a dynamic value is used for project and survey, the survey specific variables are not listed in the action’s parameter list. The survey specific variables can be passed using parameter field “The fields to send to WebMerge“. Just pass the variables and their values as JSON object as following:

  "locale": "fr-FR",  
  "salutation": "Chère"  

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